About Meredith

Photography by  Nicholas Duers

Photography by Nicholas Duers

Amidst the wealth of data encountered every day, exists the beauty of the small, simple and singular. 

This heightened contrast; rough cobblestones, sleek architectural lines, the refraction of light on glass, have an intriguing visual quality that create an aesthetic experience. This dramatic interplay between the elements gives way to an unexpected harmony which is the inspiration for the Meredith Duers collection.

Defined by the lotus, the mark of a Meredith Duers creation, each piece strives to embody the timeless qualities of balance, elegance and rhythm. 

Our jewelry is designed for a woman who has a creative leaning, who looks to the timeless rather than the fashion of the moment. One who sees her jewelry as wearable art which makes a statement without overpowering her own presence. Together the two elements: the jewelry and the woman, complement and accentuate the aesthetic of the other. We strive to create pieces that reflect the individual who is unique, elegant and evocative. 

Each piece is limited edition and is created in Brooklyn, New York by the artist, Meredith Duers.